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Hospitality Analytics

We have the technology focused and industry focused expertise to develop solutions that can enable our customers to take strategic decisions supported by data. We are strong in handling customers data and building analytics solutions using industry leading tools and technologies.

Machine Learning

We have strong expertise in applying machine learning algorithms to build models which helps our customers to provide great insights with high accuracy. We can build models for occupancy forecast prediction, upselling, room assignment and revenue growth.

Cloud migrations

We have our team certified in all top cloud platforms and we can help our hospitality customers to setup cloud services to fulfill all the requirements in cost effective manner and enable them to move on-premise analytics solutions and data loads to cloud and ensure smooth cloud migration.
Best Practices

from Industry Experts

Vertex Analytics will assist businesses in deriving value from their technology investments. We are specialized in  providing technology solutions and resources in below technologies.
Cloud Migrations
Advanced Analytics
Personalized Applications
Data management
Customer Training
Machine Learning

#01 Cloud Migrations

We enable our customers to migrate their on-premise data loads and on-premise analytics solutions into cloud and provide support for continuity.
We have our experts certified in Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud and we can help you to build the solutions in Cloud.

#02 Advanced Analytics

Our customers can leverage prebuild KPI’s, dashboards, and reports which helps them to plug in their data and get started quickly. We can build personalized analytics solutions for our customers based on their business requirements. We can help our customers to customize their existing solutions to achieve their business goals. We are expertise in providing analytics solutions using Power BI, Tableau, QlikView and OBIEE

#03 Personalized Applications

We have expertise to build personalized cloud applications for hospitality customers and we are experienced in maintaining the applications in cloud.

#04 Data management

We can help our customers to migrate their data from on premise to cloud and we will ensure customer data is safe and secure. Customers can access their data globally and no need to worry about losing it.

#05 Customer Training

We provide trainings to our customers on various tools and technologies to use them properly and get maximum value out of them.

#06 Machine Learning

We can build powerful machine learning models for different use cases in hospitality.
We can help you in building Pricing optimization models, forecasting models and customers can take advantage of these models to take critical decisions.

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