Insurance CRM portal. Simple, Customizable

Vertex Analytics insurance application helps insurance firm to manage the leads and also provides all the functionalities of CRM application

Unique Features


Insurance firm Admin can upload all the customer leads available into the application and manage the leads more effectively

IDV Configuration

Simple Excel upload feature helps admins to configure IDV details

Lead Management

Online Portal helps Agents and admins to generate leads


CRM helps agents/admins to follow-up with customers and track response.


Helps agents/admins to process claims hassle-free
Convert Leads to Customers with our CRM
Insurance Admin

Insurance firm Admin can upload all the customer leads available into the application and manage the leads more effectively. Application provides search based on the policy expiration dates of existing customers/leads and allows insurance firm to send bulk messages to all the customers/leads with the quotations of different insurance providers.

Application also allows Insurance firm admin to create tasks on leads/customers and assign those tasks to insurance agents and employees. These tasks can be tracked with status and will be converted as customers if the lead interested to purchase a policy and the policy details will be maintained in the application. Quotation can be converted as policy and lead can be converted as customer and policy will be issued to the customer.

Insurance Agent

Insurance agents will have access to manage their tasks assigned to them and also they can track their commission amounts for each closure. Every agent can maintainer their own leads separately and these leads will be displayed to the respective agent only. Agents can update the tasks with the status and they can also create another task if customer/lead give another appointment in future date. They can also mark the task as dead customer/lead and close the task.


Employees working in the insurance firm will be able to login to the application and can access all the leads/customers assigned along with the tasks. These tasks can be tracked with different status by employees. Employees can issue quotations to the leads/customers and the same quotations can be later converted as policies when customer/lead accepts the quotation. New policies taken by existing customers can be considered as renewals

Mobile app for Insurance Admin/Agent/Employee
  1. Mobile app provides facility to use it in the field and all the tasks can be performed from the mobile application as well.
  2. Admin can manage all insurance policies, leads, customers, agents and employees.
  3. Agent/Employee can go through the quotations generated, tasks assigned and update the tasks status
Mobile app for Customer
  1. This enables customers to maintain their policy details along with the due dates and they can download the policy at any point of time.
  2. Customer app will also help customers to find out nearest service centers contact numbers and also customers can book the service online.
  3. Customers can also access road side assistance contact number which is always accessible through app.
  4. Customers mobile app also give information about emergency contacts depending on the customers location in case of accidents and any other emergency situations.

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