What is HAI Analytics?

HAI ANALYTICS is a Business Intelligence and Analytical framework solution that can be tailor made to any domain like Utilities, Education, Hospitality and any other domain that needs quick insights into their business.

The Solution That Makes Businesses to get all insights – HAI!!

Problem Statement

There are many companies and institutions which wanted to understand their business and gain insights to make the decision making easy for executives and other decision makers.

For Instance,

  • Hotels may want to understand which rooms have more occupancy or tracking the customer frequency.
  • Education Institutions may want to understand the admissions and transfers related to different segments.
  • Utilities Industry may want to understand how they can place their maintenance employees effectively at the time of storms to make sure their transformers are being taken care.
  • Many industries might just want to track their inventories in real time and to analyze them over time against the sales to understand inventory health.
We can Solve It
  • Using our technology framework solution such as HAI analytics can be tailored to use your business data and make those recommendations to the executives and any decision maker in real time.
  • We will customize the framework either a bit to handle the client needs or we can even tweak it completely to make it adaptable to client if required.
  • Powerful and useful reports and dashboards to show the insights in meaningful way.

How it works and why it works:

  • By understanding the client data and then setting up our framework on client premises to make the streaming and transformation of their transactional software to analytical Data warehouse
  • Reports and Dashboards are tweaked or adapted as is, to ensure the right information is pocketed to right personnel and they get maximum value out of their investment.
  • We also take customer satisfaction and support as top priority, so we are ready to understand any new data and analytical challenges that client is facing, can provide the solution to meet the client needs.
  • We don’t just rely on existing data; we also get data and events from public platforms, market standards to make sure our predictions helping your business.
  • There are many vendors who provide Business Intelligence reports from internal data, but going an extra mile and providing not just what happened but also what can happen and how to react is our specialty using advance AI and ML algorithms.
  • Owners are the key developers and stakeholders with more than 75 Years of combined experience into Data, and Business Intelligence work, who cherish in seeing the value they can deliver to the client.

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